narrative visual artist


a discovery that changes everything--or so it seems.

once again, three years of work have come into clear perspective.  i have seen 'the source.'  at first, my belief was that 'the source' was only a tree in the cave--a tree that all things come from--but still only a tree in a cave.  then i looked at 'the alpha' as pictured in 'this is not a guitar' and it all came to a wild focus.  'the source' as it turns out, manifests in many forms in order to interact with the universe.  the source is the alpha when it wants to interact with the environment.  it is 'unknown' when it wants to be with the people.  it is six, 53947's cat.  the source likes to get around nearly as much as it likes to be a tree in a cave.  
not to say that the source is in any way 'holy' or 'godlike.'  quite the contrary in fact.  the source is a workhorse.  it functions in the same way the river drives the wheel that drives the mill.  it is not revered.  it is not sacred.  but without it, worldview would not function.   

Laura Sturm