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the end table

i just finished "the end table."  this has proven to be one of my more challenging pieces.  
it began with a tube from a friend.  i decided the tube would make an excellent set of dueling pistols.  the pistols ended up large...very large(it is hard for me to get my finger to the trigger).  i wanted a good way to display them and research suggested they belong in their own box and with accessories.
the size of the pistols required a box of such a large size, i couldn't figure out how they could realistically be displayed.  the answer was to build the pistols into an end table...the end table(the table you need when it is the end.)
the pistols have moving hammers and removable ramrods.  they come with two bullets and a powder keg.  they nestle inside an endtable with a hinged glass top, lock and removable legs.

did i mention this is all from cardboard?

it's cat-sturdy i know for a fact and could certainly support chach-kies and coffee table books.  

check out pics in the 'cardboard forge' portion of my site and at the url in this entry.


Laura Sturm