narrative visual artist


of music, beer, pizza and plushies

there is much occurring in my world.  a new perspective on the balance between my physical art creation and my digital illustration.  
"smaller totems" is still moving in an exciting direction.  roby duncan and i have created over 120 pages of material and with monday and thursday releases, that number will continue to grow.  

on the physical front, i have a new exhibit of my paintings at 'pizzeria aroma' in the edgewater neighborhood of chicago. when you visit, make sure to get the boss's special pizza--pretty amazing.

additionally, a series called "wonder worldview" has been installed on the walls of "lonie walker's underground wonder bar." this 4am live music club has been 'playin it live 365' for over 25 years.  i'm honored to grace this chicago institution's walls.  

finally, you can find me and my paintings, prints, sculptures and toys at the 'revolution brewery craft show' in december.  this one-day-only event should be an excellent gathering of artists, so drop by and spend those holiday gift-dollars on some local artists!

Laura Sturm