narrative visual artist


many moons have passed

its been a while.  i have been so busy, i am unsure where to focus.  it is a deadly pitfall in the world of this world.  interestingly enough, i suspect the action of documenting the current condition...state of my union...will result in something. hopefully not dillerium. -or vertigo.
i am in progress with a project called 'ute: urban tribal elevation' with photographer, rachael mcclellan.  set in another world where the environment is so caustic, the inhabitants grow second skins from their oraface-s-es, protecting them and resulting in a fascinatingly-elaborate new facial/pubic structures.  i am currently in construction on masks, possibly privates, that will be used in a series of photgraphs.  the process is pretty wonderful with free-flowing dialogue between myself and rachael.  we are filling out a nice world nicely.  when i finish a mask, it will be given to the model with a rough world/character outline.  the model will be asked to journal a few days in the life of the character and fill out the details.  then a series of photos will be taken and displayed with the masks at an exhibition to be determined in the city.  good good stuff.  i have uploaded a few images under the flavours tab under 'ute.'

also in the world.  i am working--not so dilligently--on my brother's children's book, the adventures of timothy p turtle.  i have basic character looks and am in progress on a sample page and a storyboard.  i feel like i should really be able to put the entire book together before i shop it.  this process is admittedly slower than it should be.  i think i need to put the majority of next week into a major push and do it right.  

also also.  i suspect at least one, maybe two more exhibitions in the next month.  i have several options available and suspect it will prove fruitfull.  and as always, i am plugging along on times new roman, vol. ii.  i have realized it is much more in depth and will require more time.  still.  i have two pages finished and am picking up steam.

as i suspected, i am motivated.  thank you.

Laura Sturm