narrative visual artist


what an extraordinary day

february has been a brutal month.  the grey and cold--the shortened month.  i have been occupied with ute for quite some time.  it is an excellent experience, but the windows call me daily.  the images are stacked fifteen-deep.
i decided to paint the 'miledean pen.'  the window, surrounded by iconic, is made of two panels.  in one is the miledean pen, a giant fountain pen that draws a path through the world.  people follow the pen periodically, but it seems to take them to nonsense places.  there is a keyhole in the side of the pen.  no one has seen the key, or knows where it resides.  but i have and do.
the key is in the second panel of the window.(i suppose this would suggest that 53947 has the key and it would make sense that he did) when you place the key in the pen, the path the pen traces changes to the one true path--a golden path.
someone wrote me today.  she quoted me back to me.  the result was immediate re-affirmation of my golden path.  the idea that me filtered through her back to me was a most fascinating moment and it obliterated the clouds of february.  the key is once again in my pen.

Laura Sturm