narrative visual artist


all things work

a series of images: 53947 flying a kite, working at his desk and petting his cat, ‘6.’ these are mundane moments in his world (worldview) but they illustrate an important mundane fact:  the way the world works.  the kite fills space and space fills it.  it is attached to the flyer and the flyer is attached to the earth.  the earth is attached to the sky that holds the kite.  53947 at his desk, works at design.  he work is creation.  he creates and the product of his creation sustains him. time is of no consequence as these mundane actions occur constantly, driving the world’s action.  again, integration of action and reaction—dependency of one element for another as 53947 shares space with his cat.  each image, an illustration of the codependency and integration of all the elements of his world, shows us how all things work. 

Laura Sturm