narrative visual artist


form and function

i am constantly pushed to re-evaluate my perceptions.  53947(pictured ‘burning’ this image into the window’s glass) is fascinated with my egocentric-judgment.   this image was his first response to my questions of work in his world.  the ‘greeble’ on the left is collecting garbage.—the ‘roman’ on the right: relaxing.  he stands in the middle, reaching to capture the image—drawing sublime flame from the clouds in the sky.  i am reminded that all things in his world are integrated in a intimate fashion that i can never fully understand. things hold each other and are dependant on each other.  space fills them, they fill space and they all function  in their own way.  they are all incredibly aware of how things work.  the cleaning greeble and the resting roman both exist (work) in their own equally important, coexistent functions without judgment of the value of their actions.

Laura Sturm