narrative visual artist


clean or soon u 2 will c


there are days for building and there are days for cleaning after building. 

on occasion, i get so caught-up in the building, i lose sight of that fact.

i am fortunate to have the live/work-space luxury of maintaining multiple projects, layered on whatever flat surface is available.  valuable in the build-stage.

as u may expect, even in its very most efficient stage, the process of cutting and fitting cardboard layers still leaves my space with chips of not-too-big-for-the-spout-just-too-big-for-the-dyson-hose cardboard in the corners and under cabinets of my space.

there comes a time when movement feels restricted and the space must be cleaned.

never do i realize the vital energy that comes with a clean space in the way i feel just after the closet door has closed on the vacuum and i find myself staring at purpose-cut cardboard, the color of which is already seen by my eye. 

soon, you too will see. 


lewis lain