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base consideration for this painting

at my window a garden of truth.jpg

what i know:

it was called "at my window, a garden of truth" before the last piece of cardboard was cut.  generally, the name is whispered to me as i fix the eye-hooks and cable that will keep a 5lb. window on my wall. 

it is only the second time in 10 years that a "complete painting" required two window panes.  i cannot help but think the entire scene could've been built into a single large painting, so i can assume there is reason there are two halves of this painting.

(admittedly, i have not been prone to look into large windows lately, instead preferring the brevity of the smaller panels.  i suppose it may be put forward that the message of this painting was important enough to that he made use of the canvas he was presented, which in this case were two mullioned panes stacked on-top of the other.)

location: maybe the tail-end of the okeanos mountain range?  the purple soil suggests the okeanos, due to their sea-soil composition.  the random blue rocks, bits of the earth mixed with the sea-soil as it was pushed into a range. 

regardless, we are outside of the city of gladwell.  gladwell seems to be climbing out of the valley it began-in over the mountain walls.  at times it seems as though it is a part of the range, at other times, like it is escaping them.

underwater iconic at gladwell.jpg


known features of gladwell: a source. a garden of underwater iconic providing a never-ending source of world-truth. 

in all places.jpg

in this painting, we learn the valley at gladwell is full of iconic.  these flowers don't behave as plants.  they do sprout from the ground.  they don't appear to require sustenance.  they constantly babble.  most of the time, this babble sounds like nonsense.  the truth is that the babble is a never-ending string of "world truth."  when we are available and we listen to the babbling, bits of this truth will become audible to your ears.

i have never seen so many iconic in one place.  great truth lives here.  is that what is causing gladwell to retreat up the mountains?

is gladwell retreating?  maybe i have mistaken its movement for climbing.  maybe its movement is toward the valley garden, not away from it?

a new roman--maybe 53947? i cannot tell.  he looks over the valley to the sea.  he appears by a winding staircase(built by the bloom. not a natural occurrence)  is he there to see the cupcake? where is he going?

in the sea, the forever cupcake.  it has taken no-one from the shore--yet. it is sitting over the field of underwater iconic, noticeable bubbles of truth surround-it.  is it there for the iconic? perhaps it is trying to learn something. perhaps the underwater flowers just happen to be there--in its path to the shore?  i lean towards the cupcake and iconic being more than happenstance as the pov in this painting takes pains to capture the angle that it does.

at my window suggests the viewpoint might be from a physical window.  perhaps this is where 53947 is located, in gladwill looking out a window.  what does he see?  does he see the same thing we see? 

a garden of truth certainly seems to refer to the massive growth of iconic that fill the valley floor. 

-more on this later-


Laura Sturm