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finished my design for this year's "artists of the wall"

artist of wall.JPG

for the last nine years, i have been fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the rogers park artists of the wall festival.  each year, the loyola park council organizes a neighborhood event in which over 100 individual murals are installed on the bench at pratt beach.  these murals are painted by individuals, groups, families, businesses, and artists and they stay on the wall for one year until the bench is primed to prepare for the next event. 

this event is a rogers park institution, providing the people of the city with a unique opportunity to experience painting on the lake as a community. this incredible event has ccurred every father's day weekend for the last 25 years.

while the event is not about competition, the organizers have judged the murals in the past and awarded three places.  i have been honored to win first place recognition twice. 

to see my previous murals from artists of the wall, check out my mural section here: 


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come find me on june 16th and 17th to see what i have in store for this year's unique theme of "legends of the wall."

lewis lain