narrative visual artist


new sculptural exhibit!

i have begun work on a series of small sculptures.

i have been taking long walks lately through my neighborhood. i like the hidden parts, the alleys and walk-ways, the cut-thru and train embankment. i am constanly reminded that i am not the first to walk these paths by the small, remnants of humanity that will never rot or blow away.

i was struck this morning by the pacifier in the grass. i decided to collect it in a bag (cuz eeeew) and take it home for a thorough sanitation before installing it as a piece in a one-off, one-day sculpture that captured the energy i felt inside of it.

it went well and i believe i will continue the process til i have a nice size gallery—perhaps for october.

if you want to keep up with this process as i go, visit www.patreon.com/lewislain and contribute at the $1/month level! your financial assistance, no matter how small, goes a long way to help me make things that remind us that there is beauty in this weird world.

lewis lainloftershire