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new mural in oak park!

i am incredibly fortunate to be awarded a mural commission for the oak park area arts council’s mini mural project.

this is my second mural in this extensive gallery that covers the greenline embankment in oak park, illinois. my first, hymn 53947, was the first mural of my professional career, installed 9 years ago in the first round of oak park’s mini mural project.

hymn 53947.jpg

i consider it a great honor to be invited back for a second contribution to such an amazing gallery of murals by equally amazing artists.

here is the base design for the new mural:

six @ the okeanos

six @ the okeanos

the mural is called “six @ the okeanos” and features our favorite dense, orange cat (six) contemplating the journey that will take him through the vast okeanos mountain range. he is undaunted and takes a moment to appreciate one of worldview’s two moons as it rises about the alkaline mountain range.

i intend to livestream the painting and the process will begin as soon as my paint arrives and this bizarre weather breaks!

here’s a video about the mini mural project from 2009—if you look closely, you may just see a young lewis.


lewis lain